Hi there and thanks for stopping by! Please be sure to check out my first post, now stuck somewhere up on the blog as sort of a mission statement. I have nearly 16 years of experience in archaeology’s private sector, mostly in the Northeast, but I moved in August 2013 to Athens, GA. I graduated with my BA from Ithaca College a long time ago. More recently, I finished my master’s degree in anthropology at the University at Albany with a thesis based on a community archaeology program for kids my firm directs with the Underground Railroad History Project of the Capital Region. Right now, I am seeking a career transition to public education, hopefully in the field of history and social studies.


As an archaeologist in the field of cultural resource management, I routinely find myself adapting to new contexts and learning as much as I can about a site or time period as fast as I can. But, over the years, I have definitely found myself working in historical archaeology and thinking the most about the following categories/contexts:

  • enslavement
  • identity formation and community maintenance
  • archaeology of activism and resistance
  • contemporary archaeology
  • landscapes
  • community archaeology and educational initiatives

When I am not working from home for my parent company, Hartgen Archeological Associates, I volunteer my time as a board member for the Society for Georgia Archaeology. I am also a Registered Professional Archaeologist, a member of the Georgia Council of Professional Archaeologists, and a member of the Society for Historical Archaeology. Every other week you can find my handiwork on the Archaeological News from Archaeologica, a podcast hosted by The Archaeology Channel, where I serve as a script editor with a great team from around the country. And, finally, I am a member of the Oconee Rivers Audubon Society where I volunteer with the monthly newsletter.   As you will see over time from the material I touch on, I am an inveterate reader and music listener.

Please, when you come to this site, have fun and expect something different. Archaeology is not necessarily what you find in the ground, and it definitely doesn’t have to be old. When I work with kids, part of my mission is to get them to see their world as archaeologists do, and I hope the same works for you. I perceive archaeology as a study of material culture, boiled downed simply to its constituent parts: people and stuff and the complicated interactions between them. Through this framework, I routinely tease out little connections between my own archaeological worldview and the material world around me. Certainly, I will touch on things I have found under the ground on the tip of a shovel, but I am just as likely to talk about toilet seats and baseball uniforms.

Finally, I am also working on research into a kidnapping and murder that occurred in Albany, NY, in 1916. From time to time, I will use the blog to work out issues that pop up in the research, or just as a venue to get to know some of the characters involved in this terribly sad story. I haven’t really figured out what the final product is for this little odyssey, but the research and the story has claimed me for over a year now and just won’t let go. I mean the poor kid doesn’t even have a monument! (How’s that for a teaser?)

Enjoy and thanks for reading.

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